Petey Corbin is a crippled person living with cerebal palsy between the early 1900s and the 1990s. He has lived in many places, including Warm Springs Insane Asylum and Bozeman Nursing Home. He has had many friends in his lifetime, and he has a plentiful treasure trove of memories.

Infinite HappinessEdit

Petey has lived in horrible conditions for many years. He has been called an idiot, unable to move, stuck in a wheelchair, and has basically had his life wrecked. His time period was not very friendly to people like him. His own mother gave him up at the age of two.

Somehow, he still has an incredible appreciation for life. Petey loves everyone he meets. The people who Trevor considers "mean," to Petey are simply confused and non-understanding. In a terrible place like the insane asylum are simply walls in which Petey lets his imagination run wild. Everything is smiles, kittens and rainbows to him.

Not An IdiotEdit

For all of his life, Petey Corbin was believed to be an idiot. He couldn't talk or move or eat. He was confined to a wheelchair without any hope of escape.How could he not be an idiot?

COntrary to early doctors' beliefs, Petey was not any ordinary idiot. Cerebral Palsy affects the brain much less than was assumed. Petey had an immense capacity for intelligence and happiness, and, had his circumstances been better, he could have been a revolutionary.